I created Elangakurichy webpages in wikipedia with the help of my grand mother Ayesha Beevi (age is around 80) wife of Ayavu sheik saheb rowther and my father A.S. Mohamed Mydeen. I collected History of Elangakurichy from my Grandmother and Elangakurichy source of income by my father.


Name                      :              M.Mohamed Asik

Place of birth                        :               Elangakurichy

Current living                       :               Manapparai

Nationality                            :               Indian

Political View                        :               Socialism

Character                              :               Don’t care about others but be honest.


Below point i taken from tamil nadu map details from trichy – azad road and elangakurichy.

  • ELANGAKURICHY (இளங்ககுறிச்சி) is a traditional village in TRICHY DT, INDIANSTATE of Tamil Nadu and it is located near vaiyampatty, manapparai & tovarankurichchi. Situated at a distance of 57 kilometres south-west of trichy and 53 kilometres north-east of Dindigul on the national highway NH 45, it is located almost at the geographic centre of the state.

Below point i taken from Tamil literature.

  • Elangakurichy is believed to have been named by pure tamil word ( elangakurichy = ilanga + Kurinji) which means graceful or beauty of mountainous area. First word ilanga means Characterized by beauty of movement, style, form, or execution. Suggesting taste, ease, andwealth. And second word Kurinji [1] means Mountainous Region.

Below point i taken from wikimapia map area finder and map software for elevation.

  • Elangakurichy is located at Coordinates: 10°29’41″N , 78°20’4″E [2] . It has an average elevation of 179 metres (564 feet). Elangakurichy covers 3.2 square miles (8.3 km2) and its located near puthur hills as southern border, northern side of village is Azad road, eastern side is kavalkarapatti and western side by vaiyampatti. Elangakurichy is a parent village of iyan-rettiapatti and puthur. In contrast with Elangakurichy’s urban+rural atmosphere, the vast majority of the village is dominated by farmsforestspond and mountains.

Below point i taken from assumption, my calculation – elangakurichy temperature is below manapparai and above dindigul. i taken mean function for average and i arrived the temp details.

  • The climate of Elangakurichy is tropical in nature with little variation in summer and wintertemperatures. While April-June is the hottest summer period with the temperature rising up to the 38°C mark, November-February is the coolest winter period with temperature hovering around 18°C, making the climate quite pleasant. Surprisingly, Elangakurichy gets all its rains from the North-east Monsoonsbetween October and December.

Below point i taken voters list, i multiplied with 1.5 to arrive childrens also.

  • According to the Census of India, 2001, Elangakurichy had a population of 3660. Malesconstitute 50.9% of the population and females49.1%.
  • As per voter list of tamil nadu state government, 2011, over 3660 villagers (76.85%) were muslims and remaining 23.5% are Hindus.
  • Elangakurichy had an average literacy rate of 54%, lower than the national average of 64%; male literacy was 62%, and female literacy was 45%. The village human sex ratio is 981 (before – 932) females per 1,000 males. Before 1999 elangakurichy population was more than 4000,population diminished because lack of business source in village and they settled in near by city Dindigul and manapparai.

Below point i collected from my father,

  • Elangakurichy is not only a traditional village, basiclly the agricultural village. Initially elangakurichy peoples are engaged in agriculture but later 1910’s they sifted to tobacco business. But government of india at indira gandhi period slightly changed the rule of tobaccobusiness. A lot of peoples who engaged in tobacco business are low middle class peoples, they cannot get license and they cannot give tax etc…. So, their work was stopped by Government. Next a lot of peoples who done tobacco, agriculture and other business guys emerged( majority of villagers) in sinter contract. They shined in this business, a lot of poors become rich and rich became more rich. End of 20th century(year at 1992) coal energy automation machine (train) was stopped due to production in advanced automation machine run by diesel energy. Many peoples who done only one business (sinter contract) are affected heavily in economical level. But who done another businesses they are not affected. At present economical source are ………..



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