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Mysterious Bermuda Triangle and Nazca Lines

Authored By Peeyush Kheria:

Planet earth is full of mysteries, some of those existences are not known to human race, some have been explored and solved and the rest have been explored but yet to be resolved. The last type haunts the scientists, theorists and other intelligent beings the most. Though these genius men constantly strive to find the answer as to why there is no logic known to them about the existence of a particular phenomenon, they still fall short in providing logical explanations.

Mostly these types of activities or occurrences become the source of all myths and unexplained theories, like the UFOs and aliens and folklores and many more. Scientist would deny these myths but unless they themselves get the facts they sit quietly on the absurd hypothesizes made by locals only.

Here we’ll discuss a couple of these phenomena which might have left many people insomniacs. The famous and Mysterious Bermuda Triangle and perfectly designed Nazca lines. In both the cases there still does not exist any logical explanation as to what they are and why they are.

Bermuda Triangle

It gets the name by the geographical area that it covers in the Atlantic Ocean having its end points at Miami, the island of Bermuda, and San Juan Puerto Rico taking the shape of a triangle.  And this triangle has dreaded people just by the way it has behaved in the past. Over 2000 ships and 75 airplanes have mysteriously vanished without leaving a trace and this has lead the people to believe that the triangle is swallowing up the ships and planes.

The very first anomaly was witnessed by Christopher Columbus in 1942, while he was on his journey of discovering the new world. He has written clearly in his log book about the abnormal activities that took place like bizarre compass bearings, etc. After this discovery there have been many incidents that have happened wherein there were no remains, wreckages and oil slicks that were ever found. There was an entire squadron of 5 bomber planes which disappeared, no evidence of that too.

Now if you are not intrigued by this, the explanation for these anomalies, given by experts all around us, should surely catch your attention.

Those who have actually experienced it, say that it is a magnetic anomaly and the compasses become a little distressed as soon as they enter the zone. Here the compass points towards ‘true north’ which has a variance of approximately 20 degrees from the magnetic north.

Some theorists point to the UFOs for the unexplainable disappearances and even go as far as saying that some extraterrestrial beings have abducted them. Even A relation has been formed by a comment of a pilot where he said “we’re entering white water” with UFOs coming and disorienting the pilots and taking down the flight with them. Now this comment came on a clear day and hence cannot be treated as the plane is crashing into turbulent waters.

The Lost City of Atlantis is believed to have existed where Bermuda triangle is currently located, and that the technology beneath Atlantis is now the root cause of the turbulence that is faced by ships and planes.

A Wormhole can also play a major role in the disappearances as that it teleports, whatever passes through the triangle, to a different space and time.

Some men have stated that there could be a natural cause that is causing the disruptions particularly the weather which possibly eats up all the ships and planes. Many also claim human error has a role to play. These theories are relatively easy to digest because in any part of the sea, the chances of weather playing the villain are high. There have been many wrecks reported which have occurred by a natural calamity and human error as well.

We always believe what we want to, we always see what we wish to, and always hear what we like to. So if we want to believe in these anomalies we would do anything to find the evidences and support our decisions.

Nazca Lines

Another mystery which entices the researchers is of Nazca lines. Which are located in the coastal plain of Peru, 400 km south of Lima, and were declared as an “Archaeological World Heritage Site” by UNESCO in the year 1994.

They were built by removing the layer of pebbles that covered the desert. When these stones were removed the difference between the light-coloured soil underneath and the stones color became visible. These trenches were engraved with great accuracy into the earth’s surface, forming a particular and definitive shape.

These Lines are among the greatest mysteries just because of their sheer size. The drawings are in the shapes of animals, plants and even imaginary people. The drawings run through the deserts of Peru for several kilometers and range in width from 0.4 to 1.1 km. The magnitudes of the drawings are so large that they can actually be figured out from an airplane only.

The Nazca Lines were discovered accidentally from an airplane in flight in 1927. And first investigated by the Prof. German Paul Kosok, along with Julio C. Tello and T. Mejía Xesspe, ‘the biggest astronomy book of the world ‘ was the title they gave to these lines.

Since their discovery, the theories to explain why these lines were made or why do they even exist have been pouring in. May be it was the style of decorating the grounds where they live, or parking space for UFOs.

One of the great archaeologists Maria Reiche gave a theory regarding the Nazca Lines. She described the lines as a way to control agrarian cycles by the farmers and also said that there were some religious significance associated.

Many ancient civilizations have been known for their complex and weird ways of measuring time and deciding upon calendars. The Great Pyramids, Stonehenge and many ancient monuments have been considered as measuring time. One such civilization which recently acclaimed great fame is Mayan civilization which has predicted the End of the World in 2012 (for further reading, refer to my previous article). Anything which in non-understandable, our initial reaction is to blame it to the calendar. So is the case with Nazca lines, they were thought to be star maps through which by following the star path the Nazcan were able to predict weather conditions, but till date there is no concrete proof as to whether these lines are actually for recording time.

One novelist Erich von Däniken has even proposed that the lines were created by aliens and it was kind of their runway which helped them in landing and taking off.

The way these lines have been built displays an enormous amount of effort and time invested. Now the question arises as to why a civilization would just make some random drawing on the ground which they themselves would never be able to visually see. Well they are believed to have had some ritual exorbitant purpose.

Various cultures across the world have shown the understanding of geography which has also helped them in creating maps and designs, native of Australia through their art form have created some. There are huge drawings the areas like Egypt, Malta, United States (Mississippi and California), Chile, and Bolivia. But the Nazca lines form the most impressive and enigmatic land drawings.

Come what may, but one thing is sure that we still have a long way to go before we get into the exactitude of these lines and triangles. Mere postulates are not going to do. Let’s hope that our learned scientists reach to some definite conclusion and converge to a finding which gives rational as well as logical explanation of these figures.


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