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Ladakh – The Adventure Capital of India

Ladakh – The Land of high Passes, The Land of Lama… Also Known as the Adventure Capital of India is renowned for its majestic endless offerings to tourists especially for adventure enthusiasts coming from all corners of the globe. Ladakh is often called as Land like no other considerably for adventure enthusiasts because Ladakh to adventure freaks is same as school to students.

The culture rich land ofLadakh is one of Incredible India’s most incredible lands, which is located in Jammu & Kashmir – India’s Heaven. Leh (Ladakh’s Capital) and Kargil are two of its outstanding districts. The majestic land of Ladakh not only offers endlessly only to adventure enthusiasts but also to tourists who’re love to explore rich Indian culture as Ladakh highlights Buddhist culture, and gives a magnificent chance to meet village dwellers and to discover their life style.

Ladakh’s adventure tour has bunches to offer, and can serve as an eternal lifetime experience because of its outstanding tourist attractions that’s simply magnificent and beyond imagination. Ladakh’s pride is its outstanding monasteries amongst which Hemis Gompa is the largest of all monasteries in the region, where artefacts, architecture and attractions are beyond admiration.

Ladakh is called as adventure capital of India because every nook and corner of city gives adventure enthusiasts an unparallel opportunity to get indulged in adventurous activities like Trekking, Cycling, White Water Rafting, Mountaineering, Polo, Archery, Jeep & Yak safari etc.

Ladakh’s magic: Trekking

Ladakh: The Land like no other, which rest amid loftiest peaks is cherished worldwide for a majestic trekking bonanza for adventure enthusiasts because of its rough landscapes and outstanding hilly region that offer a never seen before adventure experience. The popular trekking destinations in Ladakh are Zanskar, Indus Valley and Kargil. Ladakh trek introduces trekkers to Mother Nature’s unparallel blessings and gives a golden opportunity to explore magnificent dwellings in majestic villages and monasteries – Ladakh’s pride. One of the most adventurous and exciting trekking routes in world rests in Ladakh’s Zanskar region that is Chaddar route, thus the enthralling trek through the route can prove to be an eternal lifetime experience for adventure freaks. Trekking in Ladakh can fulfil trekker’s heart content to heights in a season when snowfall ceases, and the mid June to mid October are serene seasons to try trekking in Ladakh (which is also called Land of High passes).

Ladakh’s charm – White Water Rafting

Incredible India’s adventure tourism charm has been the unique White Water Rafting especially in the blessed region of Ladakh. The delight of rafting in Ladakh is its quickly flowing rivers of Indus and Zanskar whose gushy waves and wet rafting tour doubles adventure charm in Ladakh. The rafting expedition in Ladakh can serve as bonanza of adventure in the months from June to September when the River’s water level is rise due to frequent melting of ice.

Thus, the list of adventure tourism in Ladakh goes on and on. However, it’s said that actions speaks louder than words, hence an unparallel adventure tour of Ladakh is a simple means to explore world’s best adventure bonanza.

Ladakh Adventure Tour – Ladakh – The Land like no other has endless offerings especially for adventure enthusiasts coming from every nook and corner of the world. The adventure tour ladakh can prove to be an outstanding and unforgettable option for adventure freaks. For more info about Ladakh Trekking browseTrekkingInLadakh.com

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